As a daughter of American missionaries living overseas, Grace’s family is forced to return to the US for an extended stay when her father breaks his back in an accident. At the age of thirteen, more than a year younger than her peers, Grace is wholly unprepared to become a modern American high school student.

To an outsider, Carly Sullivan looks every bit the epitome of high school success. Beautiful, smart, and with an unfortunate ability to read and manipulate others, Grace and Carly are on a path to connect. Along with two other girls, the Kitty Committee is born, ostensibly for fun and mutual support. However, Carly’s recklessness and hypersensitivity to perceived slights sets the girls on a course of vigilante justice, culminating with an act that will forever change their lives.

At the age of forty, Grace and the others have lived with their secret for more than twenty years. For Grace, it has led to years of disappointing relationships, an ability to commit, and a crisis of morality. And every year an email arrives reminding the girls (now women) that someone out there will never forgive and forget.

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